Lululemon Military Discount

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Military members and first responders looking to save money may qualify for Lululemon’s discount program. Here’s everything you need to know about qualifying and using the cost savings. 

Does Lululemon Have a Military Discount?

Lululemon offers a generous discount policy for military members and first responders online and at all its stores across the country. 

The Military Discount Rate at Lululemon

According to Lululemon’s website, all qualifying military members and first responders can enjoy a 15% markdown on prices. You can use the discount each time you shop at a physical or online store. It’s important to note, however, that the verification for the discount expires every four years. You can renew your verification by going through the process again. 

How Does the Military Discount Work at Lululemon?

Lululemon’s military discount takes a percentage off of qualifying purchases. The savings may not apply to every item you purchase, so it’s a good idea to review the company’s terms and conditions for any exceptions. 

The discount does not apply to shipping and handling, or packaging fees applicable to online orders. 

How to Get the Lululemon Military Discount

Lululemon requires military members and first responders who wish to use the discount to undergo authentication first. To do this, users should register for a new account (or log into their existing one) and then follow the prompts. Lululemon uses SheerID, a third-party service, to help verify eligibility. 

Will I Need Military Identification at Check-Out??

In-store shoppers should verify eligibility online and show their military or first responder ID to the cashier at checkout. 

Once verified, online shopping accounts will automatically apply the discount at checkout when you log in. Just activate the 15% off toggle switch on the checkout page.

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Eligibility for the Lululemon Military Discount

Lululemon military discounts are the same whether you shop at one of its stores or online. Cost savings are available to all current and former military personnel, whether you’re an active-duty, National Guard or reserve service member. Veterans and retirees are also eligible. 

Doctors, nurses, law enforcement officers, search and rescue personnel, firefighters and emergency medical technicians can also qualify for the same savings. 

Do Military Spouses Get Discounts?

Military spouses and dependent children who live in the same household also qualify for the 15% markdown. 

Register online and verify your status with SheerID to access the savings.

Lululemon Military Discount Restrictions

The Lululemon military discount applies to most of the products on its website. 

However, there are a few restrictions, according to the website. 

The markdown does not apply to purchases from the company’s “Like New” website or Lululemon gift cards. 

Additionally, you can only use the discount for your own purchases, not for friends or family members’ apparel or accessories. It’s unclear how Lululemon verifies purchase recipients, but the company said it will remove you from the discount program if you violate this condition. 

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