About Us


Research suggests that financial literacy has been on the decline in recent years*.

In a test of financial knowledge among young Americans, only around one third can answer even four or five basic financial literacy questions correctly.

At Global Children Financial Literacy Foundation (GCFLF), we are working to change this by leveraging the power of financial education to help future generations build a solid foundation of financial literacy. Our nonprofit organization based in Waynesboro, Georgia targets young people living in underserved and military communities in U.S. cities, equipping them with the financial savvy necessary to live financially stable lives.

GCFLF was co-founded by award-winning financial thought leaders Prince Dyke and Chadrick Davis, friends and collaborators behind the popular Investor Show podcast. Prince and Chadrick recognized a dire need for financial literacy education among young Americans, caused in part by the financial illiteracy of their parents before them.

Prince and Chadrick wanted to develop a program based on their own experiences and financial knowledge accumulated throughout their military, collegiate, and professional careers. They created GCFLF to build a global financial awareness community offering a range of engaging financial literacy programs for children and young adults.

At GCFLF, we work collaboratively by partnering with parents, schools, youth organizations, local businesses, and other community stakeholders to host financial literacy workshops, conferences, and seminars designed to teach children of all ages the importance of budgeting, saving, investing, and credit. Our current offering of evidence-based programs includes the “Wesley Learns Book Club” for children ages 8 to 12, which combines literacy with financial literacy while making first-time shareholders out of the participants. We also offer the “High School Transition Program” (HSTP), modeled after the U.S. military’s transition assistance program, to ensure high school students have the basic financial knowledge to begin their lives as adults.

As we grow, we will continue to create powerful programming that educates and inspires young people, instilling in them a lifelong commitment to excellence in personal finance. Our ultimate goal is to prepare America’s future leaders for lives of financial integrity, stability, and success as they strive to make their unique impact, achieve excellence, and build generational wealth.