2024 USAA Military Pay Dates

If you have a USAA bank account, you can get your military pay up to two days earlier. It’s known that military pay dates are the 1st and 15th of each month, except on weekends or holidays. But wouldn’t it be a little nicer if you could get your money sooner?

The USAA’s military pay policy opens up the possibility of getting paid sooner than the standard pay date. It allows up to two days earlier than payday, but in many situations, money is available in your account one day before.

It all depends on what information the job shares with the USAA. You can only get it through direct deposit, so you must set that up first. Remember, if the 15th is on a Monday, then the previous Thursday would be the earliest you could get your pay.

2024 USAA Military Pay Schedule

Below is the list of military pay dates, and the soonest possible USAA military pay deposit date.

Month Official Military Pay Date Soonest USAA Military Pay Date
January Jan. 12 Jan. 10
Feb. 1 Jan. 30
February Feb. 15 Feb. 13
Mar. 1 Feb. 28
March Mar. 15 Mar. 13
Mar. 30 Mar. 28
April Apr. 13 Apr. 11
May 1 Apr. 29
May May 15 May 13
May 31 May 29
June June 14 June 12
June 29 June 27
July July 13 July 11
Aug. 1 July 30
August Aug. 15 Aug. 13
Aug. 30 Aug. 28
September Sep. 13 Sep. 11
Oct. 1 Sep. 27
October Oct. 12 Oct. 10
Nov. 1 Oct. 30
November Nov. 15 Nov. 13
Nov. 28 Nov. 26
December Dec. 13 Dec. 11
Dec. 31 Dec. 27

Final Thoughts 

You can also get this same option with military retirement pay. You must ensure you set it all up within your USAA profile. You should speak with a USAA employee or support staff member for any more questions.

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