Citi® Double Cash Card for Military Members

The Citi® Double Cash Card is a MasterCard credit card that earns 2% cash back on purchases. You get 1% when you make a purchase and another 1% when you pay as long as you meet card requirements. You’ll also enjoy no categories, caps, or an annual fee.

Cash back is earned and redeemed in the form of ThankYou® Points. You get 1 point per $1 on purchases and 1 point per $1 paid on those purchases.

Maximizing the Double Cash Card’s rewards is tied to making your monthly payment in full. Carrying a balance from month to month diminishes the primary benefit of this card, as well as encumbering users with a higher-than-average annual percentage rate.

The 18 month balance transfer offer is an introductory rate for balance transfers that is balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration from the date of the first balance transfer for transfers completed within 4 months of account opening.

This has some good perks for service members and may be worth adding to your wallet. Here’s what you need to know.

Citi Double Cash Card 18 Month Balance Transfer Offer Overview

In addition to several other benefits, the Citi® Double Cash Card offers new applicants a promotional intro APR of balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration on balance transfers. This only applies to balances transferred within four months of account opening.

The promotional period starts on the date of your first transfer. This can provide cardholders with significant savings when paying down high-interest credit card debt if transferred over to this card.

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How Military Members Can Benefit From Using the Citi Double Cash Card

Service members currently carrying a balance on another credit card could enjoy considerable savings when approved for Citi® Double Cash Card.

New applicants can leverage a promotional introduction APR of balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration on balance transfers. Balances must be transferred within four months of opening an account, and you should be aware that while there is 0% APR, you will still be charged a balance_transfer_fees

However, the 0% interest offer can provide significant savings by eliminating costly interest payments. This allows service members the opportunity to concentrate solely on reducing the principal balance.

The other attractive perk is that a 2% cash-back offer is generous compared to some other cards as long as you meet the requirements of the offer, especially since there are no restrictions on spending categories and there is no annual fee to pay.

Service members can redeem points for cash back as a statement credit, direct deposit, or mailed check. There is also the option of redeeming accrued amounts for gift cards and travel or shopping with points at retailers like, giving service members the flexibility they need to best apply their redemption amounts. 

The only drawback is that the Citi Double Cash Card comes with a foreign_transaction_fee foreign transaction fee, which is an important consideration for service members stationed outside the U.S.

Under the Military Lending Act, service members receive waived annual and other fees (except late fees and insufficient fund fees). Although the Citi Double Cash Card has no annual fee, you may benefit from other fees being waived while you are a cardholder.

While it doesn’t apply here, it’s also good to know the Military Annual Percentage Rate (MAPR) must not exceed 36%, and any introductory promotional interest rates must be honored.

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Citi Double Cash Card Benefits & Perks

Service members can earn 2% cash back on all purchases. This occurs in two steps. They earn 1% cash back on purchases, plus an additional 1% cash back as they pay for those purchases. 

Cash back is earned in the form of ThankYou Points. Each billing cycle, you will earn 1 ThankYou Point per $1 spent on purchases and an additional ThankYou Point for every $1 paid on those purchases. You must pay at least the minimum payment on time to earn cash back. 

Your points do not expire as long as your account remains open.

The balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration APR offer applies to balance transfers that occur within the first four months of activating the account. The catch is that you will pay a 3% balance transfer fee (minimum $5) which is separate from the interest charges.

After the first 4 months of account opening, the balance transfer fee will be 5% of each transfer (minimum $5).

When the 18 month period is over, the APR will be reg_apr,reg_apr_type, based on creditworthiness. Balance transfers do not earn cash back, and the introductory APR does not apply to purchases.

The Citi Double Cash Card has no annual fee, but it does have a 3% foreign transaction fee.

The card offers multiple redemption options for ThankYou Points.

In addition, the CitiDouble Cash Card also offers access to Citi Entertainment, 24-hour fraud protection, Citi Identity Theft Solutions, and zero dollar liability on unauthorized charges.

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Citi Double Cash Card Credit Limit

The credit limit on the Citi® Double Cash Card varies. Citi doesn’t disclose a minimum credit limit, but in most cases, you can expect a credit limit of at least $500 and sometimes several thousand dollars.

Citi Double Cash Card Rates and Fees

Here’s the important fine print on the Double Cash Card:

  • The interest rate for purchases is reg_apr,reg_apr_type APR, based on your creditworthiness. 
  • annual_fees annual fee.
  • Introductory rate of balance_transfer_intro_apr,balance_transfer_intro_duration from the date of first transfer for balance transfers completed within 4 months of account opening. After the introductory period ends, a reg_apr,reg_apr_type APR, based on your creditworthiness, applies to unpaid promotional balances and new balance transfers. 
  • Balance transfer fee includes an balance_transfer_fees
  • The APR for cash advances is cash_advance_apr. Penalty APR up to cash_advance_apr applies if you pay late or your payment is returned. 
  • foreign_transaction_fee fee for foreign purchases 
  • The cash advance fee is cash_advance_fee, whichever is greater. New card members only. Subject to credit approval. 
  • Late or returned payment penalty fee: late_payment_fee.
  • See Rates and Fees

Earning Rewards with the Citi Double Cash Card

There is no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn with the Citi® Double Cash Card. There are also no restricting categories to track.

You earn 2% on every purchase with unlimited 1% cash back when you buy and an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases each month, provided your account is current. The card lets you keep all the cash back you earn if you don’t carry a balance and incur interest charges.

If you don’t make at least the minimum payment on time, you won’t earn any rewards on purchases during that billing cycle.

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Redeeming Rewards with the Citi Double Cash Card

Service members can redeem ThankYou Points in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cash back as a statement credit
  • Direct deposit
  • Mailed check 
  • Gift cards 
  • Travel offers 
  • Shop with points at several retailers
  • Make charitable contributions

For example, you can redeem 20,000 ThankYou Points for a $200 statement credit, a $200 check by mail, or as a $200 direct deposit to your bank account. You need a cash rewards balance of at least $25 to do any of these.

Redemption rates may vary with you redeem points for gift cards, Shop with Points at Amazon, travel, and more.

If you close your account or convert to another Citi credit card that does not participate in the Citi ThankYou Rewards program, you will have 60 days to use or forfeit the accumulated points.

Applying for the Citi Double Cash Card

The Citi® Double Cash Card applicants are evaluated based on several factors. You should have a credit score of at least 670, although you may be approved with a slightly lower score in some instances.

Citi will also scrutinize your credit history, income, and other factors before deciding on approval. You must also have steady income, be at least 18, and have a Social Security number.

Existing cardholders can request an increase after about six months. In some cases, Citi may also offer an automatic credit limit increase if its regular reviews of the account show a history of on-time payments and low debt.

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Citi Double Cash Card vs. Other Cards for Military Members

This is how the Citi® Double Cash Card compares to other similar cards.

Is the Citi® Double Cash Card Worth It?

The Citi® Double Cash Card could be a beneficial option for service members seeking relief from existing credit card interest debt. The 2% cash back offer is also a solid perk, especially with no restrictions on rewards categories, as long as you can meet payment terms and conditions.

Additional advantages include a annual_fees annual fee and a lot of flexibility when it comes to redeeming points. But service members may be turned off by the foreign_transaction_fee foreign transaction fee if they’re stationed outside of the United States.

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