When is Veterans Day this Year?

First things first: When is Veterans Day this year? This year, Veterans Day falls on Saturday, November 11th, 2023.

Is Veterans Day on the same day every year?

Yes, Veterans Day is observed on the same day every year in the United States. November 11th was chosen as the date for Veterans Day because it marks the anniversary of World War I, which officially ended on November 11, 1918, at 11:00 a.m. (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month).

History of Veterans Day

Veterans Day, originally known as Armistice Day, was established on November 11, 1918, to commemorate the end of World War I. It was a day to honor the sacrifices made by the men and women who served in that conflict. In 1954, after the end of World War II and the Korean War, Congress changed the name of the holiday to Veterans Day to honor all American veterans.

Today, Veterans Day is an opportunity to thank those who have served in the U.S. military for their dedication, sacrifice, and bravery. It’s also a chance for veterans to celebrate their service and remember their fellow service members.

Is Veterans Day a federal holiday? Are businesses and schools closed?

Yes, Veterans Day is a federal holiday. Most federal buildings, including post offices, are closed on Veterans Day, as well as many state and local government offices.

Many businesses and schools may also be closed or have abbreviated hours, but it ultimately depends on the individual organization’s policies.

Facts about Veterans Day

The Veterans Day National Ceremony takes place each year at Arlington National Cemetery, where the President or Vice President lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

In some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, November 11th is known as Remembrance Day or Poppy Day and is observed as a day to honor the sacrifices of military personnel who have died in the line of duty.

Activities and Events to Honor Veterans Day

So, what are some of the cool things that military veterans can take advantage of on Veterans Day? Well, there are a number of businesses and organizations that offer special discounts or freebies to veterans on or around Veterans Day. Here are just a few examples:

Many restaurants offer free meals or discounts to veterans on Veterans Day. Some popular chains that participate include Applebee’s, Chili’s, Denny’s, and IHOP.

There are also special discounts offered by retailers such as Academy Sports + Outdoors, Target and Kohl’s to veterans and active duty service members around Veterans Day.

Some theme parks and attractions offer free admission or discounts to veterans and their families on Veterans Day. For example, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment offers free admission to veterans and up to three guests through its Waves of Honor program.

The National Park Service waives entrance fees at all national parks on Veterans Day, so it’s a great time to plan a trip to one of the many beautiful parks around the country.

Of course, these are just a few of the opportunities available to veterans and service members on Veterans Day. It’s worth checking with local businesses and organizations to see if they offer any special deals or discounts on this holiday.

How can I find out about Veterans Day events in my area?

There are several ways you can find out about Veterans Day events in your area:

  • Check with your local Veterans Affairs (VA) office or Veterans Service Organization (VSO). They may have information on events happening in your community.
  • Check local newspapers and community calendars. Many cities and towns publish event listings in local newspapers or on their websites.
  • Check social media. Many events are advertised on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Try searching for Veterans Day events in your area on these platforms.
  • Contact your local government. Your city or town may have a Veterans Affairs office or a department that plans events for Veterans Day.

Ways to show appreciation for veterans on Veterans Day

There are many ways to show appreciation to veterans on Veterans Day. Here are a few ideas:

  • Attend a local Veterans Day event. Many communities hold parades, ceremonies, and other events to honor veterans.
  • Fly the American flag. Displaying the flag is a simple way to show your patriotism and honor the sacrifices of veterans.
  • Visit a veteran hospital or nursing home. Spending time with veterans who may not have family or friends nearby is a great way to show your appreciation.
  • Consider writing a letter or sending a care package to a veteran to show your gratitude for their service.
  • Volunteer with a veterans organization. There are many organizations that work to support veterans and their families.
  • Donate to a veterans organization. These organizations rely on donations to continue their work.
  • Say “thank you” to a veteran. If you know a veteran, take a moment to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

In conclusion, Veterans Day is an important day for Americans to honor and thank those who have served in the U.S. military. It’s also a chance for veterans to enjoy special discounts and deals offered by businesses and organizations. If you’re a veteran, be sure to take advantage of these opportunities and celebrate your service on Veterans Day!

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